Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey Sweetie: 112112 Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Sweetie,

Happy Hump Day to you!

First off, I must apologize
For not answering comments yesterday
I really appreciate all your lovely comments
I read them all 
You guys always make me feel good
And I really appreciate hearing from you.

They have some influence on what I post
When I read that certain posts were appreciated
Then I like giving you more of what you enjoy when I can
Thank you so much for your comments

I will be out of town this Thanksgiving.
I will be travelling Wednesday and Friday.
My plan is to have posts ready for Saturday.

I want to wish all of you who celebrate it a very

If you are travelling,
I wish you a safe journey and good times.

Take care and be well.
See you on Saturday.

Peace and Love,


whkattk said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my man! Travel safe and enjoy yourself. Have a great weekend. Hugs!!! WHK

Your french Patrick said...

I have read that Thankgiving was on Monday, October 8th for the Canada and will be on Thursday, November 22nd for the USA.
Am I wrong, of perhaps have you one day in advance so as I can download your photo and post it tomorrow on my blog?
Very kind of you!
Thanks a lot and bisous, my friend.

Your french Patrick said...

Thanks, my dear Phil, for this beautiful smile of Noah Springs (with Jake Steel @
Enjoy your travelling and have great days until tour come back.
So, two daily bisous for today and Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

thank you so much for today's selection. You remind me of a fine wine......getting better every day!

Chris from Oz. XOX

iamagaytekeeper said...

He makes me wish everyday is Thanksgiving day :-), wait IT IS!

Keith said...

What a cutie-pie! Noah Springs. Well, you, too, AOM! A late, but sincere, Happy Thanksgiving from me. (There are still about 90 minutes of the day left here in California, as I wrote.)


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