Friday, January 18, 2013

Hey Sweetie! 011813

Peter Fleming from Bel Ami

Hey Sweetie,


I've posted a 20 minute presentation
From TED Talks
I URGE you to watch
It is very entertaining and uplifting.

After the TED Talk
I've posted the music that was played in the talk

I will be taking Friday night off from blogging
As usual - (I like my Friday nights Free!)
So no post on Saturday
My plan is to resume on Sunday

If you don't have time today
To watch the TED Talk
I hope you will watch it on Saturday.

I hope you have a Great Day
And a Wonderful Weekend.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Peace and Love,


Your french Patrick said...

A free day on "Freeday" is quite obvious.
Good night, my dear friend.
And receive my daily bisou.

whkattk said...

Have a great weekend, my friend! Big hugs and slow, loving strokes - WHK


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